Book Announcement: Hiraeth

We are excited to announce the publication of Hiraeth! Written by J. L. Chabotte and written and illustrated by Nadia Rausa, Hiraeth is the first book published by One to a Thousand, LLC. With your support, it will not be the last.

The title “Hiraeth” comes from the Welsh word meaning, “A sense of longing to return to a place you cannot; a sadness for a place that no longer is or never was; a love for a place that does not exist in this time.” The title was chosen by Nadia Rausa and was originally the title of a prompt list she created in the fall of 2019. 

On how she arrived at the theme and prompts for the list, Nadia said, “I wanted to convey the feeling that everybody wants to live so badly, but we also have a longing to go to our place in the ground.”

That theme shows through in this beautiful set of 29 poems. Hiraeth discusses our connection to the past, to nature, and to the cycle of life. These are poems that speak to how the world lives in connection with itself, and the fears and responsibilities that come with such an interconnected world.

Each of the authors has created one poem each for the original prompts, with a collaborative poem on the last prompt to finish off the text. Surrounding the poetry and giving a stark introduction and conclusion to each set are original artworks by Nadia Rausa. Through draft after draft, the authors worked hard to create a collaborative work that would speak to the readers about their place in the world and the fears that creep into that space. We are proud to present this as our first published work and hope that it will be the first of many more printed offerings through One to a Thousand.

First edition prints and digital copies are available through the One to a Thousand shop. Copies are sold through three different bundled tiers, which you can check out here.

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