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There is so much new around here, but we still have more to come! We are doing a complete reboot of One to a Thousand right now, and some of our first projects are the community center, an upcoming quarterly magazine, and some small publishing projects. We hope to have these plans all in action within the next few months, so here’s a breakdown of what we’re doing.

First, we have brought back our community center! Some of you may have been beta testers for a previous version of the One to a Thousand website where we hosted forums and attempted to run our weekly writing/art challenges. We learned a lot from that project, and we’re happy to bring back an improved space where our community members can share their writing, art, photos, and other creations. 

We’re also expanding this area to include more than sharing of completed projects and challenge responses. We want to develop a space where members can bring their questions and tips, seek and offer feedback, share encouragement and positive conversation, and inspire one another. Over the next couple of months, you’ll see changes to the forums as we finesse their use to make them as accessible and useful as possible for the community. We hope to add new challenges and contests as well, so check back often for new content.

Next up, we are so excited to share that we will be starting a quarterly One to a Thousand magazine next year, with plans to publish our first issue in January of 2021. These magazines will be based on a quarterly theme and will feature photos, stories, poems, paintings, and other artwork from our community members. Look for submission calls coming soon! In addition to featuring our community members’ works, the magazine will include articles, interviews, how-to’s, reviews, and other articles related to all things creative.

Initially, the magazine will be available digitally for purchase from our store. Over the course of the quarter following publication, the content of the magazine will be made available for free here on our website. We hope to begin print versions of the magazine later in 2021. We’ll announce our theme and timeline for the January 2021 issue here on the blog soon.

Finally, we have some small publishing projects in the works! Our admins have been hard at work on our first printed book – the official announcement will be in our next blog post. We are also planning another book project for next year, so watch for that announcement in the summer of 2021. While we only have the operation for small projects right now, we hope to expand to producing anthologies and special projects within the next few years. These are just the beginning of our plans, and we’re always working on ways to do more and make this community a better place. If you have feedback or ideas to share, let us know here! Thank you for all of your support, and we hope that you continue to come along this journey with us as we work to support creatives and improve the community around us!

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