This community exists because of brave creators like you! Submit your stories, poems, paintings, sketches, photos, etc. here! (If you would like to share a physical work, please take multiple pictures in good lighting from various angles so we can best represent your creation—if you’d like, you can also share a photo of yourself with your work so we can feature both creator and creation.) 

Please make sure you specify what you’re submitting for and fill in all fields so we can contact you about your submission. Thank you for sharing your work with us! Submit away!

And remember: only submit your own work! The only time it is okay to submit someone else’s work is if it was a collaborative project and you have the permission of all collaborators to submit. We want to ensure everyone feels heard and safe—thank you for your kindness!

If, for whatever reason, the form is not working, just shoot us an email at We look forward to reviewing your amazing work! Please note that we might not be able to respond to all submissions, but we promise to look at them all.

For all other contact inquiries, please use the contact form on the “Contact” page or email us at


Please submit high-res images of your work, at a minimum of 300dpi. File types can include PNG, JPEG, TIF, or PDF. Watermarks should not obscure the view of your work.

Written work can be submitted as a PDF, DOC, or Scrivener file. Written work can be as short as a paragraph (or sentence) and as long as 3 pages at 12pt font, single spaced. 

Music submissions can be in MP3 or WAV for the digital issue of the magazine. You may submit sheet music for the physical magazine.

You may submit your performance pieces with photos and/or link(s) to your performance video.

If you’d like to submit more than one type of  work or submission, please feel free to fill out the form and send it multiple times with your different works.


In this Release, One to a Thousand LLC will hereby be known as “OTAT,” and the submitter of content will hereby be known as “you, your, I, my” or any variation thereof. Please read this Release carefully before submitting your work.

By submitting my work, I grant permission to OTAT to publish submitted content in OTAT’s publication, website, social media, or other internet postings. I understand content can be published in print or digital formats for the use in OTAT’s publication.

I understand that I retain full rights to my work and that the only rights given to OTAT are outlined in this release. I authorize that OTAT may copy, exhibit, publish, or distribute content in OTAT’s publication, as well as allow OTAT to edit as needed (i.e. crop, resize, typos, etc.). However, content will never be altered in such a way that changes the work (i.e., color change, warp, additive words or phrases, etc.). If more editing is needed, OTAT will work with you via email to update the content as both parties see fit.

I verify that my work is not copied or plagiarized and is completely my own. If it is a collaborative effort, I claim I have permission from all collaborators involved to submit the work. I understand it is my duty to notify any and all parties involved.

I authorize that, if this is a photographic work, that all persons in photographic work(s) are of 18 years of age or older, or if persons is a minor, have permission from the minor’s legal guardian to be shared.

I understand that by submitting my work, there is no guarantee of my submission(s) being published and that I will not receive any monetary compensation or royalties. However, I understand I will receive a complimentary digital copy of the magazine as compensation if my work is published in the OTAT publication. 

I release OTAT from any claims, demands, and causes which I, the submitter, or my heirs, representatives, executors, admins, or any other persons acting on my behalf, may have.

By submitting my work, I claim I understand the contents of this Release.


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